1. D

    Facebook livestream

    For just over a year or so I am unable to Facebook livestream from my Phantom 4 Pro v2.0. I am using the GL300L controller with an IPad and DJI GO4 app. Everything I read online makes me think it’s something DJI has to fix in their Facebook developer account. Anyone know how to get this...
  2. impurenergy

    Drone Related Social Media

    If you are looking for a very active drone related Facebook group then you should check this one out. They also have a lot of manufacturer members who provide them with sample products to test suchsas props and skins. One of the best things is their Instagram engagement Pod that has over 100...
  3. D

    Advanced Livestream Question

    Right, so firstly I have searched tirelessly for the last month and not learnt anything on this. I have a P4P with 4 x batteries, hooked up to an iPad Pro 10.5". I'm working outdoors and on the ocean. Here is what I want to do: Create a livestream, direct to Facebook, that is uninterrupted for...
  4. DougAles

    Thank you -> onto Mavic

    Thank you to the members of this board. I lost my Phantom 3 Standard to King Triton in Lake Superior due to operator error, my error. I guess I need to join the Mavic group now. Wish we ware all one group. Here is a Facebook Livestream from my new Mavic Pro.
  5. thefrisbee995

    Does anyone have Facebook pages they share their drone pics on?

    If so, put the links in the responses to this thread? Would be nice to follow some of you guys on here! 需要安全验证
  6. M

    P3 Standard Android Facebook Streaming

    Hi all I run on a Samsung S6 Edge and with the latest DJIGO app update it is meant to allow facebook live streaming, now I do have the feature within my menu settings however it is always greyed out and not a fuctioning feature. However if I use an iPhone 5s it works perfectly fine, I have seen...
  7. Cole Scheer

    Hello from Central Nebraska!

    Hello everyone! I am fairly new to the world of drones. I bought my first drone, a Phantom 4, in June and absolutely love it. Since June I have become an avid drone flyer and constantly am taking it out to get a cool shot. I have a Youtube page where I post videos that I have taken, and I have...
  8. Drestin Black

    FB Live vs YouTube Live

    I've used the FB Live feature several times and it's SO cool ...in concept. I click a few keys and according to what I'm told on the DJI Go app I'm streaming away perfectly. I have a solid LTE signal and plenty of bandwidth and CPU performance; yet my viewers (confirmed myself with an iPhone 5...
  9. thehightechhobbyist

    360 Degree Panorama for Facebook Tutorial

    I know everyone has been looking for a step-by-step guide on how to make those interactive 360 degree panoramas for Facebook with your Phantom. I recently wrote a complete guide on it (link is in my signature). You can really get some awesome results, and make people feel like they are there...
  10. patchmanimal

    My Facebook Live stream looks terrible, how about yours?

    Hey, guys. I wanted to know if anyone else has tried the Facebook Live feature and how it looked for you. I tried it for the first time tonight and the results were pretty bad. Feed was real choppy and image quality was terrible. Drone was at varying distances from me and that didn't seem to...
  11. Phantom-Four

    DJI GO app 2.8.2 - stream to facebook

    The new DJI GO app that allows streaming has been released today. For iOS anyway. Android users will have to wait a bit longer again it seems.
  12. chapsrlz

    your most succesful video on facebook

    show us which one is your most succsesful video, in terms of views, shares and comments on facebook. in my case its this one, uploaded thursday and so far with 160k people reached, 1.5k shares and 55k views
  13. pounder35

    Mission Hub and Facebook

    I've been looking into Mission Hub but it seems you have to have a Facebook account. Is this correct? I hate Facebook. I have a page and wanted to delete it and start from scratch but after several attempts I said the hell with it. I can't even remember how to log on to it. Why would Facebook be...