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  1. G

    Phantom 4 Pro PLUS (P4P+) GL300- Facebook Streaming Issue

    Good Day, Please can someone help as I have spoken with DJI support and they have offered no solutions. I am trying to Facebook Live Stream on my GL300E remote but my Facebook App won't allow me to sign in. I suspect this is due to it being outdated (V77. Is there anyway to...
  2. DougAles

    Thank you -> onto Mavic

    Thank you to the members of this board. I lost my Phantom 3 Standard to King Triton in Lake Superior due to operator error, my error. I guess I need to join the Mavic group now. Wish we ware all one group. Here is a Facebook Livestream from my new Mavic Pro.
  3. A

    Choppy Audio/Out of Sync Video on Facebook Live

    Since DJI Go 3.1.5 on my Samsung Tab A any time I try to do a Facebook Live stream the audio is choppy, before 3.1.5 it was the other way around. Now I know others use the Tab A and while it is probably far from the first choice for flying your drone around it's still a pretty popular...
  4. M

    Issues connecting Facebook Live

    I've been trying to connect to Facebook Live with no luck whatsoever. It says connecting, does the countdown then just disappears. Anybody have any experience with this? My firmware and apps are up to date.
  5. regaladoe

    Facebook and Youtube Live Transmission from P4P

    I would like to know if anyone in the forum has made live broadcasts from Phantom 4 Pro using "Facebook Live" or "Youtube Live". I have been testing two internet lines with different bandwidth: one at 2 MB / s and one at 10 MB / s. In the first case (connection to 2 MB / s) I have a few small...
  6. DougAles

    Drone video

    In my video you will see me using the DJI Go app for a LiveStream to Facebook with my drone on a cold Wisconsin day as I fly around my neighborhood. Enjoy!
  7. Drestin Black

    FB Live vs YouTube Live

    I've used the FB Live feature several times and it's SO cool ...in concept. I click a few keys and according to what I'm told on the DJI Go app I'm streaming away perfectly. I have a solid LTE signal and plenty of bandwidth and CPU performance; yet my viewers (confirmed myself with an iPhone 5...
  8. B

    Facebook Live - How to Switch to Another FB Account

    I connected my GJI Go app to my FB account to use Facebook Live But now, I need to connect it to another account. Does anyone know how to do this?
  9. patchmanimal

    My Facebook Live stream looks terrible, how about yours?

    Hey, guys. I wanted to know if anyone else has tried the Facebook Live feature and how it looked for you. I tried it for the first time tonight and the results were pretty bad. Feed was real choppy and image quality was terrible. Drone was at varying distances from me and that didn't seem to...