1. Lindsaybev

    Shooting / Editing / Exporting ....video questions, Oh My

    I am hoping that some of the video gurus can help this noob. I really would like to make the best videos possible for my small business. I am using the P4A drone. I understand that it is best to double the shutter speed from my fps. I understand to keep the ISO down to 100 as best I can...
  2. L

    Exporting My flight records so i can renew licence.

    how do i get my flight records of the dji app so i can send them via email to the CAA for my licence renewal.... please help
  3. L

    Processing Video

    Could someone please share their post processing settings for Adobe Premier Pro or give me some ideas to adjust my footage better in Adobe Premier Pro C5. I tried the settings use by Tom Tech Time in his "How to export 4K using Adobe Premier Pro / Tutorial but they didn't work for me. My...