exit p-gps mode

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    Compass error. Exit p-gps mode

    Hello. I’m new in DJI... I buy a used DJI phantom 4k... notice some problems with compass. It’s saying “compass error exit p-gps mode” or something like that... what can I do? I did compass cal and IMU cal. but it didn’t help.
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    P3S fly away 'exit P-GPS mode' and found it a week later, soaking wet, now WORKS FINE

    So I'd only had my P3s about 48 hours when i decided to take it for a evening flight, little did i know the location i was flying in was about 1km away from a high frequency O2 phone mast... Was flying for about 3 minuets at about 100 metres up and no more than 120 metres distance when i got...