1. CameraMan65

    EXIF Data for DJI Cameras...

    Is there anywhere on the internet that would have EXIF Data for all of the cameras that DJI uses on their aircraft? Actually, if there's a website that carries many different EXIF Data for all drones that would be nice too. I ask because the writer of photography forum software I frequent is...
  2. SoCalDude

    Does a Video have EXIF Camera Information?

    I know there are some basic information embedded within a video file, but what about information relating to the camera and camera settings used when capturing the video? I want to look at videos of mine and see what the shutter speed and ISO settings used in the capture.
  3. O

    what is GPS format found in EXIF data

    I've located the GPS coordinates in the EXIF data of the images taken with my Phantom 3 advanced (see below). When I do this using Windows picture viewer, the lat/long format is not one I'm familiar with. On my Mac, the coordinate is a common format. Does anyone understand the lat/long...