1. H

    Satellite Positionning off warning. any idea? Help, please?

    Hello, I've seen posts with similar title, but my problem seems a bit different. all seems to bev ok, but i can't fly... I am a pro photographer using phantoms for several years and by know i think i am fairly advanced user. Today I stumbled on an error or warning, which forced me to not do my...
  2. J

    ESC fault

    Hi all, New to this forum thingy so please forgive me if I don't post this correctly! I've just purchased a second hand Phantom 3 advanced, I've owned several cheaper drones before but thought I'd go to the next level. The P3 came with prop guards which I decided to remove, I replaced the...
  3. Drestin Black

    If it ain't broke don't fix it; what's broke?

    Let's exclude issues surrounding NFZs and range. What is left to fix, in your opinion, in theP4 Firmware or the DJI Go app? Not new functionality, but a bug that hasn't been fixed yet? List, if you must, a very specific and direct extension of an existing function that you feel is crippled...
  4. O

    Help with a survey.

    Hi guys , I'm a student of engineering and I'm making some surveys for one of my school subjects. It would be grate if you could help me answering it, it's about your experience as owners of UAVs. Thanks.