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  2. Green Phantom

    EPIC Drone Fails! HAHA

  3. A

    2017 Epic Drone Compilation

    Hope you enjoy!!
  4. M

    Drone video of Santa Sledding down Mountain in Norway

    Here is a video that I and a friend made this winter, there Santa is sledding down a mountain In Summøre Norway. Goofy video but did have some epic drone shoots. Would love to see more of your Christmas videos. Merry Christmas.
  5. tml4191

    Award-Winning Drone Rescue Footage of Big Wave Surfer

    This was originally filmed back in February, but it just won an award at the 2017 Los Angelees FIlm Festival. Here's an article containing the short documentary drone video.
  6. A


  7. See Norway

    SeeNorway - CLOUD Surfing nice waves over snowy grounds

    Hi good folks :) I just finished editing my cloud surfing video. This was a day that suddenly turned bad but ended in an awesome experience. Please enjoy and fly safe :) Youtube channel SeeNorway: SeeNorway
  8. A

    Need your advice please, short clip

    HI guys I'm a new addition to your DJI family. Just did my third clip of our trip to Niagara Falls. Feel free to comment and provide feedback as I'm fairly new drone pilot and still learning. Highly appreciated all your guru advices. Please watch this video with music on as it suits my concept...
  9. S

    Drone vs. Drone Near Miss

    I almost got brought down by this idiot pilot. It's a short video but you'll see my concern.
  10. Man And Drone

    EPIC POI Shots!

    Loving the new POI mode.. it was very difficult to replicate that manually. The new modes are great, but seem to drain the batteries very quickly.. anyone else notice this? Anyway here's some footage I shot yesterday of the POI Mode with normal footage ;) :