1. W

    Need help finding the right motors for my Phantom!

    Hi all. I have a Phantom 2 Vision + (Model no: PV331) v2.0 and i rely don´t know what motors i need to get. The main problem is that i got 3 motors that are totally dead and than i want to replace them all not just the dead motors. And i have searched and as i understand it is this motors...
  2. M

    What is the Phantom 4 Pro engine type?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of completing my Ops Manual and one of the required sections is the engine type of your SUAS, in my case a Phantom 4 Pro. I have searched online and can't find a suitable answer on there or in the manuals. I've seen a couple of answers that say 'Electric Brushless...
  3. T

    Did I accidentally turn of the engine an kill my P2?

    Dear Co-Pilots, just had my third flight today and the worst thing ever happened - my P2 with the zenmuse and GoPro attached to it, crashed from ca. 50 feet on concrete - yes, she didnt survive. Thus 3 rotors are still working and the battery too - now I would like to get the flight data out...
  4. Prez

    P4 - Will the engines shut off if I keep the left stick pressed while descending?

    I apologize in advanced if I am repeating the question. I am a new owner of a P4 and I've been reading that engine shut off is a possibility while descending. Can you guys tell me if that is correct and what is the best way to descend from around 400ft. Thank you.
  5. zander lane

    phantom 4 engine replacement help?

    ...was wondering if anyone knows of a good tutorial or instructions for replacing a p4 engine? - I have around 15 hours of flight time on my p4 and one of the engines is decidedly stickier than the others when freely spinning - I have read that this is not a good thing and can end a flight...
  6. L

    First P3P fall experience

    After a few flghts I felt safe to remove the propeller guards, mostly because I was thinking of flight high altitudes, however I decided to fligh on my yard. I was on atti mode, didn't realize the wind was interfering and moved my phantom towards my neighboor's house, at this point I panic and...