editing software

  1. N

    How to crop, not downsize, 4K video to HD?

    I shot 4K video with my P4. Does anyone know of software for Windows that allows me to simply crop the central part of the frame to HD 1080? I want to essentially zoom in to the central part and throw away the outer part. I don't want to resample to downsize the whole picture to HD. I have...
  2. DroneOnNDP

    What Is Your Favorite HDR Method & Post-Processing Software?

    Curious what everyone's favorite HDR method is: Camera settings: 3 shot / 5 shot / manual? How you set up your AC in the air: anything specific you do etc. to rock the shot? What's your favorite post-processing software? Anyone have an awesome workflow they'd like to share? I typically like...
  3. Henrik Olsen

    Feedback needed for video

    I have put together this trailer for my YouTube channel.. It's been cut to be short with a mix of different shots and high pace to keep the viewers attention. The sole purpose of the video is to get people to subscribe. What do you guys think? Any suggestions to improve would be greatly...