dynamic rth

  1. Hill Zamm

    Does Phantom 4 have "Dynamic Home Return"?

    OK, everybody, thanks for accepting me as a brand new member with my very first drone - so I'm a rookie... I intend to use my Phantom 4 for taking images from my sailing boat... Of course, my "Home Point" would never be the same, once I release it from one spot at a time, but the boat goes on...
  2. S

    P4 Manual! Dynamic RTH, NFZ does not apply to Atti mode?

    Ok so @George Race has posted a preliminary copy of the P4 manual a few times in the last hour or so, here is the link to one thread: Phantom 4 operators manual After a quick skim I see that it says that the P4 will have an option to enable Dynamic RTH like the Inspire 1 has, also the NFZ's...