1. J

    Lens protector - to prevent scratches?

    I was wondering if anyone uses a lens protector either something like the tempered glass you stick on phones to protect or something like those filters you stick on (except normal)?? Just been out a few times and often get bits on the lens and end up wiping with a glasses cloth - I am just...
  2. M

    Has anyone opened/disassembled the Phantom 3 Standard (P3S) camera?

    There is a speck of dust inside the camera of my P3S. I see that in the other models, you can unscrew the camera filter, but not on the P3S. Has anyone disassembled the Standard camera? Do I have a good chance of removing the speck of dust if I open the back, or is the lens a sealed unit...
  3. Tommy1980

    Opinion: Little spot on the p3a Camera lens

    Hi everyone, I just noticed i have a little spot on the low left side of the lens of the p3a camera.. I already tried to clean it but appearently it is inside or not removable, like a fabric defect (definetly not a scratch). I'd like to have your opinion about it, do you thik it could change...