1. V

    Remotely controlled nozzle or clamp to drop little water from drone

    Hi guys, I am an assistant professor in an university in the States, and I am pretty new to drones, I fly a Phantom 4 pro which I bought few months ago. For my research, I need to intermittently drop some drops of water from a drone, just 4-6 feet from the ground in a remote area. I need to...
  2. D

    New Project using Phantom 3

    Hi, I am new to drones and here is what I want to do: I want to do a POC for a retail company - that a package to be connected as payload to the drone by a store employee & he/she should be able to feed in the destination address in the drone. The drone delivers the payload in the destination...
  3. VARocketry

    How did OREO drop Cookies from the DJI? Or is there a payload mod somewhere?

    In the commercial, How did OREO drop Cookies from the DJI? Or is there a payload mod somewhere? I'm moving to FLA soon and the wife wants to start fishing again on the shore. I'd like to use the DJI to drop the baited hook out beyond the surf line. Like dropping OREO cookies! Has anyone seen...
  4. F

    Phantom 3 Standard Dropped Out of Sky - Help!

    Hey folks! Somewhat recent to the drone hobby, but really enjoying it! Right up until tonight at least. I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard just out the front of my house, sitting at around 11 meters high. I was in P-GPS mode, 71% battery (I double tapped it into place, just to be sure), fully...
  5. M

    I air dropped a beer to my neighbor 1/2 mile away with my P3

    This farmer was the proud recipient of my first beer drop a couple months ago!