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    Phantom 4 Advanced fell down

    Hi, My drone fell to the ground and got damaged 20m away from me 10m up in air just seconds after take off. What could cause this and what can I do now? Log: DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com Thanks, Lars
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    Phantom 3 SE Remote drops WiFis when batt levet under 50%

    Anyone had experience like this? It drops the aircraft's and the tablet's wifi too. First it dropped when it was around 60%, today it was about 50-55%. The plane just arrived few days ago, just has been charged 2 times roughly, hopefully will decrease the wifi drops after a while... I think it...
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    LA County anyone?

    Im about to get married and id like some special drone services at the wedding. I want my wife's ring to be lowered or dropped into a specific location. Can this be done? Im willing to pay of course. Please post thoughts or comments below. The wedding will be in Lancaster, California.
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    Payload Drop With Servo

    I understand there are other threads out there on payload drop devices, but I want to make amd design it myself, or with help which is why I am creating a mew thread - So, does anyone have experience with payload drops using a servo? I want to make my own kit with an external battery that...
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    How did i loose my drone?

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I was out flying up and Down this river the other day. I lost signal as i got too Close to the electrical wires. Im not sure if i hit them or if the signal was interferred With. Anyways, a guy upstream saw the...
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    Multnomah Falls (542 foot drop) in 4K

    Hope everyone likes my latest!! :)
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    First P3P fall experience

    After a few flghts I felt safe to remove the propeller guards, mostly because I was thinking of flight high altitudes, however I decided to fligh on my yard. I was on atti mode, didn't realize the wind was interfering and moved my phantom towards my neighboor's house, at this point I panic and...