drone repair

  1. ChadAmerica

    P3 Standard Motor Replacement nightmare

    First of all hello fellow enthusiasts! What a time we live in to be able to join such wonderful tech. So, bare with me but I need help. First of all a serious warning to any of you that will need to remove your shell to access your motors and circuit board. It all started by simply wanting...
  2. M

    Drone repair

    I have a Phantom 3 Advanced drone and the video from it is skippy, blurry and just jumpy, and was wondering if anyone could refer me to a nearby repair service ? I live in Auburn, Al. I'm disabled and so I don't have much money to get it repaired. If you will please, let me know by writing...

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro Repair Help

    I recently crashed our drone into a tree. I've managed to fix the camera and compass, but I'm still getting an Compass Error. Need advice. 1. Other than Dronefly which is in Southern California, does anyone know of a good place I can go to the East Bay of the SF Bay Area? 2. Other places to...