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  1. 28wins

    Dedicated PolarPro Drone Trekker backpack thread

    Hello Fellas, I am Tom and I love my drone! I have spent several hours researching how to make my P4 fit in my current busy travel lifestyle so I can always have it with me. Work has me flying once or often twice a month. I never check-in luggage so I carry a duffle bag (overhead compartment...
  2. O

    Help fund thinner, lighter case for DJI Phantom series: Drone Flex Armor

    For those who love the outdoors and love taking their drones with them, the Drone Flex Armor, would make that an easier activity. It's designed for all DJI Phantom series drones, holds assembled drone including camer and battery but it's lightweight, stylish, easy to pack and unpack. Visit...