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  1. FlashBuddy

    One More Reason to Charge and Arm and a Leg

    I've been flying the P4 upon its first availability, then moved to the P4P when it arrived. Had my first crash; bent shell top and bottom, broken gimbal mount, broken battery, all four props gone. I'm not complaining as I feel it is bound to happen sooner or later. I was flying a job - video...
  2. bluewaterpilot

    Hello from St. Clair, Michigan

    Thanks for allowing me to join the conversations happening here. I'm always looking to gain new insights into anything involving drone aircraft. Find out more about me and my business at: www.bluewateraerial.com
  3. Jogle

    Register an LLC?

    Hi, all, setting aside 333 exemption questions (considering there is plenty about that on this forum), I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on registering an LLC for photography, which would include aerial photo/video services? I do normal photography for side jobs and have for awhile...