downgrade firmware

  1. A

    Camera lag and range loss

    Hi Folks, I know this seems to be a common problem with the latest upgrade, but has anyone come up with a solution? When i start to fly the drone (first 5 - 10 mins) the camera feedback is perfect, then it starts to lag, and can have a 2-3 sec lag on it. Also the range seems to be a lot less. I...
  2. E

    AC Firmware 1.10.90 needed

    I am 99% sure that if I downgrade from 1.11.20 to 1.10.90, then I will be back in business. There is more about this in my other thread ---->> P3P Gimbal Dial Stopped Talking to Bird , Where can I find the .bin file for 1.10.90? I really wish I had archived the upgrade steps that I've taken so...
  3. RadRocket

    Anyone who has done a 1.5.7 rollback

    I downgraded my firmware successfully from 1.8.1 to 1.6.8 one version at a time ( per instructions) but when I got to 1.5.7 it was successful but I had an abnormal compass message. Even after I recalibrated it. Then I noticed that there were two 1.5.7 bin files from the site. One was about...