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    Flying to Dominican Republic

    I am leaving in a few days for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I plan to travel with a DJI Spark on American Airlines. Do I need any type of permit or anything for when going through customs. Also, do I need to get permission to fly or can I fly whenever. I do not plan on flying near people...
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    Dominican Republic Permit - Spanish Translation?

    Hello, I will be visiting the Dominican Republic soon and I saw that you need a permit to fly, I have been trying to contact the Dominican aviation authority for the last week and finally got a response today with a 19 page document written in Spanish. According to them this is only available...
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    Bacaro Beach , Punta Cana , Dominican Republic - 4K (P4)

    Hi all , This is my second flight in Dominican Republic . I used P4 with PolarPro Cinema Series ND16 filter ... hope you all enjoy it!
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    Saona Island, Dominican Republic 2016 - 4K

    Hi all , this is my first flight overseas :) I'll add more information later ... enjoy it !