1. D

    Consensus on upgrading and upgrade documentation

    Going to got pick up my new P4P tomorrow - it arrived to weeks ago so should still have the last software version. Reading dozens of complaints about the recent upgrade, curious what the consensus is - should I upgrade or not? My first drone, so don't want more headaches/hassles than I am...
  2. David Cooke

    P4Pro and P3P+ Documentation

    Just got my P4P+ and looking for documentation. The little elf sized, 2pt font is little comfort. All I see at dji is P4P and no Pro and nothing about Pro+ doc Anyone got a link. . . currently 68 in the Que for dji support Cookeinlh
  3. B

    New undocument 1.4 firmware restrictions / additions and no fly zones.

    Hello.. In typical DJI fashion regarding their lack of proper documentation and change logs. There are at least two new restrictions / changes that are not documented or mentioned in the 1.4 firmware update that some of you may be interested in knowing about. First one is new no fly zones...