1. S

    DJI Go 4 crashing in IOS upon opening iPhone 13 pro 15.3.1, can’t fly

    I saw older posts in Mavic and Phantom but nothing recent. Is there a resolve for this yet? DJI has not answered my support inquiries.
  2. BuiDoi

    DJI GO 4 Update (4.1.0) 27 May

    I updated my software (Saturday 27th May) as advised by DJI. Only to now have issues with not being able to download original video onto my iPad. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. Rtome

    Djigo4 thinks my P4 is a P3Pro

    Hi Folks. I am not so experienced, sorry If perhaps this problem is already being treated, but I could not find similar threads. Need some urgent help. Really do not know how to fix this problem. Well... I use to fly my drone in Brazil, now I am in Indonesia flying with my p4 in desert areas...
  4. M

    Sound for Video on DJI Go 4 App

    Can you please help me, when I downloaded the Update for the DJI app to DJI GO 4 I was told that there was the ability to record sound from your phone and I would sync to your video, I must have checked No to the if I wanted to record sound Option. Can you please help me? I would like to have...
  5. David Cooke

    DJIGO4 v4 . . NOT GOOD!

    Just installed and flew first mission with DJIGO4 v4 . . . NOT GOOD!. Flew 14min photo and video within 500m or so and noticed the live video feed was flickering and blooming irregularly. Did not think too much of it at first but as I dropper down to 75ft AGL about 150m away . . . the screen...