dji sdk

  1. Roamer105

    P3 Firmware Latest DJI SDK - downgraders watch out!

    I successfully downgraded my AC and RC due to video transmission/connectivity issues with the latest firmware combination and have been flying for some time with out any issues. I recently purchased a set of Moverio BT-300 glasses. Using the GO app, they work just fine. However I started to add...
  2. chatikib

    Is it a dangerous game to fly with Litchi?

    I fly with a Phantom 3 SE, often in combination with Litchi. I'm using an iPad Mini (iOS). But now I'm starting to worry. Because there are many users who point out that Litchi is not yet suitable for the Phantom 3 SE (SDK isn't available). What should I do? Keep the bird on the ground or use...
  3. L

    When will DJI SDK for P4P be available

    I use the Phantom 4 for mapping missions using Pix4d Capture, and Map Pilot apps. Being the camera is much better on the P4Pro, more pixels, no rolling shutter. I want to run a mission with the new P4P. Unfortunate no apps available yet. Here is what I got from Pix4D when asking for software...