dji phantom 3 gimbal crash help tips

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    Hi all, This might help someone. Recentley it started to happen, that my DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera started to shake. I tried to tighten the screw on the main shaft, but that didn´t helped. The problem was, (for everybody else that you will find solution faster) screw on the camera...
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    Phantom 3 Pro Problems

    Hey i have been searching help from all around internet but haven't asked here. My p3 Pro had small crash in low altitude and after changing the ribbon cable the camera/gimbal is not working properly. The gimbal shakes and goes into wrong directions. Also the image transmission shows only black...
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    Dji phantom 3 gimbal problem

    Hey guys brand new to the dji community and I was flying my new phantom 3 advanced and happened to crash into a tree. The rig fell about 25 feet and now the gimbal will not tilt and the image is very shakey. The camera still records. Please any tips and help would be appreciated. Please see...