dji phantom 1

  1. L

    Dji phantom 1 rapid green light flashint.

    So I have a dji phantom first generation bought it brand new but had it sitting for years not using it and recently I try to fly it again to use it for fishing but when I turn it on and it does its normal flashing lights n stuff, when I try to turn it on pulling the joy sticks to turn it on the...
  2. victorymike

    Our Memorial Day

  3. victorymike

    Post Christmas Backyard flight

    A sunset flight above my backyard, near the shores of Lake Superior in Marquette MI.
  4. victorymike

    A short post Christmas flight towards the Marquette Mi Ore Dock.

    After Christmas I took a short flight around Mattson Park in Marquette MI. I have everything on order to install an fpv system on my dji phantom 1. I'll be a bit bolder with it installed.