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  1. adventurecampitelli

    Drone Flying over Kayak

    What do you think of the drone shots in my latest vlog. The drone flying over the kayak is my favorite. Its about 3/4 the way in. What do you think?
  2. adventurecampitelli

    My latest video - Canada

    check out my latest video. I have some nice drone shots in it.
  3. Capitan Bastos

    Ken Heron - Colluding with a Russian DJI OSMO, P4Pro and MAVIC [4K]

    A lot of you have probably watched Ken's videos, I've been subscribed to him for close to two years, and he's usually fun, entertaining and somewhat educational. Really an awesome guy! But this is by far the funniest video I've seen from him so far. A collaboration with this energizer bunny of...
  4. D

    Greetings from Vancouver, BC. Canada

    DJI Mavic Decal by drones-ace posted May 10, 2017 at 3:19 PM[/GALLERY]Just have a Phantom 3 Advanced. Feel very outdated. Was going to fly a lot more this year until the Canadian government basically told us we can't fly anywhere. Now for me to fly my drone, I have to drive 1 hr + to be able to...
  5. A


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  7. M

    Flying Los Angeles Beach's

    Hello everybody I'm planning on going flying tomorrow I want to hit up some nice Beach spots in LA ...does anyone want to join or know of a good place to fly with out cops showing up ...
  8. A

    Gallatin, TN - 4K - DJI MAVIC PRO

  9. We Talk UAV

    Anyone hear anything about the Mavic Standard?

    News travels or perhaps it doesn't. I was always wondering if the Mavic would make a Standard version. Sure enough, the Mavic seems to be heading in two seperate directions. There will be a Mavic Pro and a Mavic Standard as suggested last September. For the price, I think this may be a keeper.
  10. M

    Very windy! Phantom 4 pro v mavic pro | the trip: Eyemouth

    So we were on the way back home and we came across a nice fishing village east of Scotland near Edinburgh, wave were strong, wind was gusty and at times hitting 25-30mph. But, I had to give the Mavic a wind test. It came out very well. Also had a Phantom 4 Pro as well, the phantom 4 pro slow...
  11. Kara Murphy

    Has anyone downloaded DJI GO 4 yet

    Thoughts? It only works with P4 Pro, Mavic, and Inspire 2. DJI GO 4 offers a new UI and fresh editing capabilities for drone pilots
  12. H

    Mavic Pro Offers Invited

    DJI Mavic Pro Just Arrived UK Brand New in Unopened Box Available for immediately delivery UK Offer Invited
  13. tml4191

    Has anyone panel lined their drone yet?

    I see lines on the p3. Mine has already been fully painted, so it's kind of pointless to panel line it at this point, but it's still possible. Has anyone added black paint on the lines of the phantom 3 pro, or added their own design? How come people aren't customising their phantoms? Is it a...
  14. Billzness Adventures

    Walk around Athens with P4 and Osmo

    Hello everyone, here is our first episode of our channel series <<Walk Around Athens>> car bicycles, drones, nice places and more.. Please if you like Subscribe like and share.. Thank you For English Subtitiles please Press the subtitiles Button!!