dji gs pro

  1. E

    DJI GS Pro and altitude increasing on its own

    Hello, I've just started using a P4P for surveying/mapping landscapes, including streams and shorelines. I've had on and off issues with DJI GS Pro, where I create the route with a set altitude, say, 200 feet, and set the drone to fly. The drone will lift up and go to the 200 feet, and then it...
  2. W

    Mapping software

    I just bought a P4P+, the model with the DJI screen. I want to use it for photogrammetric mapping and have noted several apps that appear to do what I want: DJI GS Pro, Litchi, etc. The problem is is that they seem to be IPad or Android based. Is there any software that I can download directly...
  3. jvmoore1

    DJI GS Pro flying in reverse

    We are trying to use DJI GS Pro to set up Flight Missions so that we can run 3DMaps around our site. Currently we are using Pix4D, but would like to have Missions set up that we can reuse. We ran our first test run and it appears that the drone is flying forward then reverse instead of the...