dji go 4 app crash

  1. Billmh12

    P4Pro DJI GO4 App crashing after update on my I-Pad

    So I was getting ready to fly and my DJI GO4 app was acting weird, it kept closing before I could take off. I was running some diagnostics. Then I noticed it was just updating on its own, on the ipad. I waited, shut everything down and rebooted and restarted. Then I had to do the test. I opted...
  2. TMM777

    Go 4 App still crashes, Nexus 7 v2 factory OS 5.1

    Nexus 7, v2 was turned back to factory settings including a factory version of Android Os 5.1.1. I have flown 5 or so times since the rollback to factory settings and each time Go 4 crashed. I was LOS so no worries but I was surprised each time it crashed as it took more than 20 minutes of...