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  1. M

    Great Aerial Photography company in BC, Canada

    Anyone looking for drone services in British Columbia, Canada? If so, check out Agile Drone Services. I'm a web designer and used them for some aerial photography projects. Their pilots are all licensed professionals with many years experience. They are also a licensed reseller of DJI drones...
  2. PaulArcher - Drones Gator

    How can I reach more people with my Drone youtube channel/site

    Hey there guys! My name is Paul and although I've been sniffing around this forum for a while, I only recently signed up. I wanted to introduce myself and get some feedback on my activity in the drone world. I am posting videos on my youtube channel where I try to condense useful information...
  3. Alex Assenmacher

    Flying and enjoying in the snow ANDORRA

    Dear friends, I've been travelling with my gf lately in a small country in the Pyrenees called Andorra. I took my p3p, my gopro and my osmo mobile with me and this is the result.