dji customer service

  1. J

    Quickest Way to Get Your Crashed Drone Handled by DJI Support.

    I see many people complaining about how their experience with DJI support was handled. In my experience, they have been more than reasonable and I believe most of these disgruntled complainers are looking for someone to blame due to their careless crashing of a drone and want compensation or...
  2. OldManInWva

    DJI tries to bill me for repair on a drone that is still on the river bottom..

    Ok... just a quick spout off about how incompetent DJI customer service is.. Last month, lost P4 in the river.... sank... from "MY" position and from what I know at the moment of loss it was a loss of power in flight and fell. Submitted that info and flight record for the last flight to DJI...
  3. B

    Lessons learn, don't buy stuff from a China rooted company like DJI

    I had repair service made DJI. UPS lost it and all hell break loose. I want to discussion about so that you know in advance what you get form DJI service. In short, their customer service SUCKS BIG TIME. The worst! Don't expect it to be like target, apple, gap, or any american company. Remember...