dji 3 phantom

  1. L

    Phantom 3 Advanced + Extra Battery & backpack. Scotland, UK

    Looking to sell my P3A. Bought new around 6 months ago and flown for about 2-3 hours in total. No issues with flight, no crashes, and always flown in good weather. Don't feel I'm getting as much use out of it as I could be so maybe time to sell on. As stated it comes with an extra battery(so...
  2. A

    Standard Replacement of gimbal and camera.

    Okay first off, I am new using forums and drones, so I do hope I post this question in the right section anyways: I own a DJI 3 Standard which sadly happened to crash today. The rotors broke, so I replaced them with the spares that I got in the box, worse though is that the camera broke off...
  3. Specialist

    DJI 3 Pro - Damaged & Options

    Hi there, yesterday my drone fell off a cliff edge 30ft .. somehow it still flies. My camera and gimbal is damaged and wondered what options I have. I think a new camera is £329 but is money i don't want to part with. So i wanted to ask. (1) is there anyway to know if the camera is broke or...
  4. sethmote

    Professional P3P Captures Tornado !!!!!!!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share this footage I captured with my P3P of a tornado here in Indiana on 8/15/16. Add us on snap to see all of our behind the scenes coverage of events!!!
  5. M

    July 4th fireworks

    Had my DJI3s out when we were shooting fireworks off in our yard. I was nervous flying this in the dark, but basically took it straight up, then straight back down. Also, where we live, there are no close neighbors, so I wasn't worried about that. It was hard framing all the different...
  6. Pancake415

    Video Feed

    I need some help. I had the DJI Phantom 3 Standard at first & never had trouble with this. Now I have the Phantom 3 4 K & keep having trouble with my video feed. The remote is different than the one that came with the's like the professional one except it only has the micro USB...
  7. phantom 2

    how waterproof is the phantom 2

    i was wondering how waterproof is the phantom 2 can i fly it in light rain
  8. A

    Shakey Footage

    I have a P3 Standard that is having shaky footage issues. Before you say to remove the foam piece at the back, I already have. Here is a sample video of what is going on with my camera. (start video at 1:20) I'm not really sure what to do about this. I've tried seeing if it was the shutter...
  9. L

    Standard Battery Charging - Idea

    Hello, I would like to charge my DJI phantom 3 batteries on the go and I had an idea on how to do it... my plan is to attach the battery (charger) to a portable power bank (see Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank: Electronics) however, the main problem is the...
  10. BigDun

    My First Litchi Waypoint Mission

    I was in Batesville Arkansas for my mom's 80th birthday and wanted to capture a video of the White River's spillover with lock and ****. I programed the waypoints and did a test run in the morning. After the party was over (held at Josie's, seen in the video), I went to the take-off point and...