distance test

  1. respibob

    First flight with Itelite DBS mod

    I know there are a lot of these videos on here but this one is mine! Now to be honest I was getting 3000 feet before the mod. But with my first flight with the mod I went >10,000 feet and still had signal but not enough balls....here you go!
  2. respibob

    Range variations with P3S

    I have had my P3S for about 2 weeks and have made several flights. I have been reading all the problems people have with the 1.6.8 update but I went ahead and did it when I got my Phantom. The range of distances vary so much that it must have something to do with several things, i.e. the update...
  3. Nemanja

    Phantom 4 maximum travel distance

    Sorry if this topic was brought up before...I quickly rifled through forum and couldn't find maximum travel distance of Phantom 4. I managed to pull off around 14.2 KM of total flight distance(46916 feet), 7 KM in one direction. The battery was at 97% before flight, and I made a couple of...