discharge batteries

  1. S

    How to deep discharge batteries

    I need to do a deep discharge of many of my batteries. I was wondering if I put the props on and just let them spin without taking off if this is ok for the motors. I was also thinking of getting a charger that would do this along with charging them. On the Airdata maintenance log it looks like...
  2. T

    Best way to manage and care for P3 batteries

    Hey Guys, Has anyone heard of the Telesin Discharger for DJI Phantom 3 Battery? I often find myself sometimes going a week or more (unintentionally) without flying and keeping my batter fully charged. My hope is this Discharger works. So far it looks good. Tell me do you agree with this?
  3. Numone

    Battery Cycling

    I've just received my Phantom Angel Battery Discharger/Conditioner (its excellent BTW!) and have a question re "cycling" or "conditioning" batteries. I have all four batteries in storage state at present, so around 60%. My question is, to undertake a "conditioning" discharge, do the batteries...
  4. Dramface460

    Battery discharging and storage question

    Hello P4 pilots, So I just called DJI about this question and got a kinda unclear answer. So should I discharge my batteries to 50 percent with that battery discharger DJI sells for 100 dollars or set the battery discharger to 2-3 days in the DJI Go app. I have 4 batteries. I do tend to use all...
  5. gringorio

    Warm Batteries When Discharging

    I have my batteries set to discharge after 5 days. Since I haven't flown in that time I checked them today and two of the six were what I'd call 'very warm' (not hot). This happened to one battery two weeks ago and it flew fine after charging. The two warm batteries currently appear to be...