1. skolsky

    Alcatel One Touch Pixi3 - DJI GO

    Hi All, I have been using Iphone/Ipad for DJI go with P3SE but after doing the FCC mod I want to use a dedicated android tablet so that I can fly using 3.1.18 version of Go rather than just being able to use Litchi. My local CEX shop has a used Alcatel One Touch Pixi3 in stock in good...
  2. R

    Unsupported device. Poor support.

    So DJI GO has been crashing when tapping on acadamy, trying to view flight logs and open the editor. Works great for everything else. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. Although this is not in DJI's recommended device list, this is a pretty high performance tablet. The original Tab S is...
  3. E

    ¿Tablets compatible with Ph3 standard?

    Hey, you know a list of compatible tablets android with Phantom 3 standard? I have a chuwi vi7 be compatible?
  4. J

    Extra Display

    Hi all, new owner and new to the site. Have a question if somebody knows. Is there a way to connect another device, a second one, to your controller for viewing purposes? Was wondering if possible to use this device to allow another person to handle the picture taking while I handle the flying.
  5. A

    What are the current top 5 or so DJI Go devices?

    This is my first post, so I hope I picked the proper (or at least close) section of the forum. I will be getting my P3 Pro next week and currently have an HTC One (M8) smartphone running Windows. I believe DJI Go and Windows don't mix, so I'm open to any recommended Android or iOS device. I...