1. P

    Controller Dead as a Doornail

    I have about 4 hours flying with my Phantom 3 4K and I just discovered that the controller is DOA. I last used it about 2 weeks ago and stored it with about a 70% charge. I've never dropped it or exposed it to moisture. I've never had any previous issues with the controller either. I pushed the...
  2. CaptainDrone798

    New Phantom Pro/Adv Controller Issue... Dead USB port?

    I received a replacement Phantom 3 Pro from DJI and they included a controller either on purpose or by error. The controller has the good old problem of not being able to send or accept data via the USB port. What this means is that the DJI GO App can't speak to the controller, so any settings...
  3. I

    "No signal" in app, Gimbal non-responsive, Drone Still flies after rough landing.

    Hey everyone. I was chasing a polar bear a few days ago when the wind picked up almost immediately (God love the ocean) and I could not fly back with the amount of battery I had left. After a while I gave up on trying to fly back and decided to "crash land" on the sea ice. I did it, went home...