dbs mod phantom 3 4k

  1. chrislongley

    Phantom 3 4k DBS Itelite Antenna Booster Mod Notes

    Last night I spent three hours carefully upgrading my P3 4k with a DBS and wanted to share a few things which might help owners of the P3 4K. Most of the online videos and instructions deal with modifying other Phantom remote controllers. The controller for the Phantom 3 4k has some unique...
  2. G

    DJI Phantom 3 4K - DBS MOD - Dissappointed

    I own a DJI Phantom 3 4K, I was not at all happy with the range with stock antennas. So after couple of research I tried DBS MOD antennas - "ITE-DBS01" LINK - http://dbsmods.com/phantom-3-4k-preorder-shipping-friday-f…/ Stock antennas would go upto: 1600feet ; Altitude: 380+feet DBS Mod...