data plan

  1. Elqueso2

    Mobile Device & Data Plan Dilemma – What’s a mother to do?

    Need some advice regarding using a mobile device with data or without and Mobile devices, I read so much and its mostly for P3 & P4 I’m presently using my Samsung Note 4 (Andriod 6) which is my daily use phone. I reboot it and try to shut down most of the unneeded apps before flying and the...
  2. Etop

    Can I fly without data plan on my iPhone 6+?

    Saw the Phantom 3 Standard at Costco and I am very interested. What would I experience if I fly with wifi only and no data plan? I am anxious to get this before they sell out but I don't want to be disappointed for the lack of a data plan. Will the camera work any different and will the range...
  3. O

    Flying without a data plan on Vacation

    Hi Alll! Newbie here to the drone world. I recently got the Phantom 3 standard as a birthday gift from my husband, and we'd love to take it to Taiwan for our holiday! I don't know if we'll be able to get 3G/4G while on vacation (or how much it'll cost to turn on data roaming while overseas), so...