data logging

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    Not sure if anyone can help here but here it goes...I launch high altitude balloons with a gopro on it with a data logger. I'm trying to use Dashware to overlay my data but my data logger only records every 6 seconds. When I sync the video & data, the data is obviously 6 seconds faster than my...
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    Flight Logs

    Greetings, relatively P4 hobby flyer. I've been using a few memory cards, and while reviewing footage on a Windows 10 tablet recently I was got memory card errors with one of them. The card appears fine, it works on my desktop, but I'd still like to format it just in case. I plan to do that...
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    FlyTrex Alternative: Hardware to Monitor Your Fleet

    Hey everyone, Have you ever wanted to keep better track of where/when you fly your drones? SenseMe is a hardware device that records basic telemetry then pushes that data to 3rd-party flight-management software, such as Drone Logbook. No more having to waste time pulling flight data off your...