1. D

    Why use dangerous Litchi app?!?

    I know, everyone is going to hate me for this, but I have a simple question. Why put the controls of your expensive investment in the hands of a third-party app called litchi with so many horror stories? DJI GO has its problems, but litchi seems to cause many fatal crashes. Everyone I know who...
  2. Drestin Black

    DJI Mandatory, uninterruptible actions are wrong, legally actionable

    Dear DJI, I have a couple of Phantom P4s and I love them; fly them daily as a hobbyist and am working towards becoming a FAA licensed UAS pilot. You have a great product, hardware and software. Kudos! An incident today and the hours since has given me time to reflect and come to a conclusion...
  3. K

    What Do You Consider "Dangerous" Flying?

    Hi all, I am doing research as far as what pilots consider to be "unsafe" or "dangerous" flying in a non-racing/non-sport setting (e.g. commercial Aerial Photography). The question could be rephrased as, "If you are overseeing a network of pilots flying with your company's equipment, what...
  4. F

    P3 What went wrong? Severe injuries

    While hovering, unit suddenly accelerated to my face. Good thing I was away from the crowd. Dangerous