1. J

    D-Log loss of details in midtones?

    I have been running tests of all three color modes available in the DJI Go4 app: D-Log, D-Cinelike and Normal. I seem to notice that the D-Log clips lose some detail in the midtone luma range when compared with Cinelike and/or normal. This kind of makes sense to me since the S-Log color...
  2. Kristina Fowler

    P4P Camera Style Settings that replicate D-Log

    I love using D-Log color, but I don't like the fact that it's locked at ISO 500. I want to do a workaround and use the "Normal" color at ISO 100 in combination with a CUSTOM STYLE that replicates the D-Log color setting. What are the best settings (Sharpness, Contrast, and Saturation) to create...
  3. Z

    Phantom 4 Color Profiles?

    Do you guys record in D-Log for your P4 drones? Here is a video explaining the Color Profile and why D-Log improves recording quality of your drone
  4. tyknows

    Drone Marriage Proposal

    While my fiancé is excited she just got engaged and has a shiny ring, I'm excited I was able to pull off capturing it all with my Phantom 3 Pro :) Here is a 2.5 minute cut: I was able to make her think I had to shoot some aerial footage (for video production I do with a nature conservancy in...
  5. J

    Firmware Update v1.1.140 Added a New Colour Mode

    After updating my Phantom 4 I noticed there is now a new colour setting named TrueColor. None has also been renamed to DJIColor(none). Does anyone know how this new setting performs? I have created a new gallery with screencaps of each of the common settings, they are, in order: D-Log...
  6. J

    D-Log Colour vs NONE - Detailed comparison

    I'm sure this has been posted here before, but I did a search and couldn't find it anywhere. Does everyone agree with this? Hopefully it is useful to some newbies, like myself.
  7. wlkngmachine

    4k > 1080p crazy moire!? Help!

    Everyone says that shooting in 4k and then downgrading to 1080p gives you a better image than shooting directly in 1080p, but when I change the sequence settings in Premiere to downsample my 4k 23.976f/s to 1080p 23.976f/s it gets super blurry and there is a ton of moire!! what am I doing...