1. S

    P3 STA Upgrade Questions

    Hello. I am a new member of these forums and a new owner/used of a P3 Standard. I have a couple questions regarding the customization of this model. First, if I were to purchase a 4k camera and gimbal system, will it be compatible with my existing P3 Standard? Second, could I also upgrade...
  2. Specialist

    Phantom 3 Alternative Legs

    Hi All, so my Phantom 3 Pro is due to arrive Thursday.. I cannot wait :) One thing i've commonly read prior to purchase is the instability or poor design of the stock legs. Has anyone experienced issues whilst landing or have options for better alternative legs ? I saw this (bleow) which I...
  3. L

    DJI Phantom 2 Customization - Making a drone look like a giant MOSQUITO!

    Hi everyone. I'm from Brazil and I have bought a Phantom 2, 3 months ago, for personal use. I've been doing some footage on some events for friends but nothing professional. But I've received a propose to use my Phantom on a publicitary campaign and get paid for it. But the deal is: the person...