DJI Phantom 2 Customization - Making a drone look like a giant MOSQUITO!

Dec 10, 2015
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Hi everyone. I'm from Brazil and I have bought a Phantom 2, 3 months ago, for personal use.
I've been doing some footage on some events for friends but nothing professional.
But I've received a propose to use my Phantom on a publicitary campaign and get paid for it.
But the deal is: the person who wants to hire me, needs a customized Drone for a campaign related to infections caused by mosquitos. So, what he wants is to have a customized Drone that looks like a mosquito to be hovering the area of the event.
I tried to look for customized drones but I really didn't find something useful for me, just some color customizations... stickers... custom landing gear...
So, if ANYONE has ever done some kind of customization on their drone, please reply this message me. I just want to talk about it and maybe find some pictures and have some ideas to see if it's possible to do this job.
Thanks for the attention and the space given. I hope someone can help me and apologize for any language mistakes... Cheers!
On a more obvious note, the blades will be sticking out, so it's never going to look exactly like a Fly. Additionally, you should not paint the props as it can easily disrupt your prop balance.

Depending on the amount, I would turn it down. You are going to permanently make your Phantom look like a fly, additionally, its pretty annoying to be enjoying your time and hear a loud buzzing above you.
It's going to be loud and annoying, I bet the guy has no idea. Better off hanging a mosquito-looking thing far below the drone.
Welcome to the forum .
I think it will be hard to make it look like a mosquito as far as the props you can die them . Might be easer to have a light weight shell made . You can always repaint when done.
She will make some noise and I would be a little worried if you lost control she might come down and hit someone that's the bad part . Look in this thread anything can be done its all on the imagination .
GL . Let us know what you do .
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