1. Photocopter

    I couldn't exit intelligent flight mode!

    Dear Friends! I had a few busy weeks with no time for flying. Yesterday I took my P4 for the flight. During the second flight, I was filming a short video and used the "home lock" intelligent mode. When I was about 45s from home point I got a low battery alert (30%). I continued with the stick...
  2. E

    Phantom 3 cannot take off

    Hi everyone, I have a Phantom 3 Advanced which I have owned for over a year. I've performed many flights with this Phantom and not had any issues. I use the Litchi app because I like its features. Starting 2 days ago I cannot get the Phantom to take off. Usually what happens is when I perform...
  3. T

    Did I accidentally turn of the engine an kill my P2?

    Dear Co-Pilots, just had my third flight today and the worst thing ever happened - my P2 with the zenmuse and GoPro attached to it, crashed from ca. 50 feet on concrete - yes, she didnt survive. Thus 3 rotors are still working and the battery too - now I would like to get the flight data out...
  4. tml4191

    Check out this YT video= CSC off/on in midair! P4P Testing

    Restarting motor success:CHECK : 1:32
  5. ZaqHydN

    Drone ignored pull-back command = crashed

    I'm new to drones; not new to RC flight. This is my first Phantom. Generally impressed, yet greatly concerned. Plan: Slow approach and fly-over shot of a town clock in a park. (one of those tall old-towne iron post-mounted clocks they put in parks) Very calm day, almost no wind which was what...
  6. S

    Phantom 4 CSC procedure is changed?

    It seems DJI has listened to the complaints: P3 Firmware - DJI Releases New Firmware for Phantom Series "2. Changed procedure for stopping motors during flight. To stop motors during flight, pull the left stick to the bottom inside corner while simultaneously pressing the Smart RTH button...
  7. Steve J Miller

    CSC Questiom

    This is going to sound like a dumb question especially since it is called a "Combination" stick command but I know CSC's are the #1 reason for crashes so I figured I would ask - After landing, holding down the left stick for 3 seconds turns off the motors - My question is, if I am descending...