1. Green Phantom

    Awesome GoPro Video :D

  2. H

    Can I fly my drone at Half Moon Cay during Cruise?

    I will be going on cruise in June and one of the ports is Half Moon Cay Bahamas. I have seen other fantastic videos from this exact location but I have also heard that the laws in the Bahamas have been updated as drones have become more popular. Does anybody have ideas or thoughts on how I...
  3. Skyler King III

    Efficient "power setting" for best battery performance?

    Hi. Does anyone have any idea what velocity gives the most battery efficient performance? I'm talking straight and level, discounting aggressive climbs and descents and turns. Happy Holidays
  4. D

    First flight - RIP

    Hey guys, drone_crasher is in the house... I flew near a cruise port yesterday evening, hoping to take some great videos of leaving ships but suddenly my screen blacked out - 'aircraft disconnected' - all 18 satellites were gone and my reception as well. I was waiting for the drone to return...