1. O

    P4P poi crashing drone

    Hi i dit a poi today on a large wind mill and the drone dit a half turn on it and than crashing to the mill? the want me to sent it back can someone help me with the log file and read it out.
  2. Billmh12

    P4Pro DJI GO4 App crashing after update on my I-Pad

    So I was getting ready to fly and my DJI GO4 app was acting weird, it kept closing before I could take off. I was running some diagnostics. Then I noticed it was just updating on its own, on the ipad. I waited, shut everything down and rebooted and restarted. Then I had to do the test. I opted...
  3. thefrisbee995

    Is Anyone Using a Hudl 2 With DJI Go 4

    I have a hudl 2 and use it for app development (kind of) on my uni course. I've seen some people have been using them with DJI Go due to them being cheap and having a nice sized 1920x1200 screen. I was wondering if anyone has used it with DJI Go 4 yet? And if so, how have you got on with it? My...
  4. Z

    DJI GO 4 - Crashing non stop

    My DJI GO 4 keeps crashing during the initial splash screen ("DJI GO 4 has stopped" notice). It used to work, but not for the last two days or so... Can't get through it no matter what, even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Anyone else having the same problem? Samsung Note 4 Android 6.0.1
  5. A

    DJI Go app Will not open on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    I recently purchased the P3 standard, and I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Wifi 7" (sm-t210r) that is running the latest available operating system for this device (4.4.2). I downloaded the DJI go app and it wouldn't open. It pulls up a black screen, then crashes and says "Unfortunately, DJI GO has...