crash phantom 3

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    Motor problem

    Ive recently crashed my p3 standard, aftrr crashing i had to replace the yaw arm on thr camera, the ribbon cable and also 2 motors. Unfortunantley the 2 motors i have replaced are not working either. I replaced both motors on one side of the p3 and when i turn it on it does nothing on that...
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    Sudden inversion and acceleration to the ground - why??

    Took off my DJI P3 standard with 47% battery power and controller at 21%. After a second in the air, I noticed a cold weather warning saying the batter was below 59 degrees (temp was about 45 degrees). I went to press record, and it inverted, and accelerated toward the ground a full power. It...
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    No Camera/Video Capture - after Crash Phantom 3

    Look at the video ... Could anyone help??? Drone Issue.mp4
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    Glastonbury Tor Somerset Uk nearly crushed my P3 pro

    Glastonbury Tor Somerset Uk nearly crushed my P3 pro, Video taken in Glastonbury -I was flying for 5 minutes already but for 10 seconds i have got message on my screen RC lost signal and return home mode switched on automatically. Return home attitude is set for 50m but if drone is higher...