crash p3a p3

  1. P

    Recently crashed my P3 advanced...need advice

    Hi, I recently crashed my P3 Advanced and broke the camera and gimbal. I don't have a protection plan and I'm looking for the cheapest/best way to fix it. I've attached some photos showing the damage below.
  2. NotARubicon

    Crashed P3A.. Pilot walked away alive..

    Was filming an extreme Jeeper going up a near-impossible obstacle in the hills above Calico, CA.. I was about 500 yards away and did not judge the distance to the canyon wall behind the bird and drifted right into it.. The P3 is in one piece and other than broken props and a slightly bend...
  3. O

    P3A crashed on third flight, please help analyse the cause

    Hi there After almost 1 year without a drone I finally bought the P3A ahead of a 6 week trip to Dominican Republic. I used to own a P2 and I absolutely loved it, I probably logged >100 flights and got a few nice videos. I never had any serious issues and I eventually sold the drone to a friend...