1. ethanunzicker

    Blanket VLOS Waiver?

    I'm licensed under Part 107 but I only fly for a public county agency. We're a public park district that focuses on conservation and preservation of natural resources. We just started using drones this year for mapping and, of course, some marketing purposes. We have close to 20 properties...
  2. Lord Nibbler

    Solving a Class E-SFC Rubik's Cube...

    Hey everyone! So I have a puzzle on my hands. I am getting ready to apply for a 107.41 waiver, (s) to fly in my local Class E-SFC airspace. (For commercial aerial photography) It’s a tricky one! Ukiah, CA is a very, very small town and our airport (KUKI) is centrally located within that...
  3. D.J. Province

    COW/COA update

    I've been waiting since 10/21/16 without any word for a COW. Kinda scary that there isn't somewhere you can check to see if it is progressing in case its gotten lost somewhere. Are other people seeing the same response times?
  4. D.J. Province

    COW/COA update

    Anyone know how and where you can get an update on a submitted COW/COA? Do we get an email with the result or does it come snail mail? thanks