1. 3dash22

    Insuring a Phantom4 Pro

    I'm looking to insure my Phantom 4 Pro. Does anyone happen to know an agency specific to drone usage?
  2. Neary Aerial

    Phantom 4 Pro Crash Coverage

    Crash coverage for the Phantom 4 Pro has been added to the website. We have also added Inspire 2 coverage. Protect yourself from everything except loss with NO DEDUCTIBLE!! Click here: Neary Aerial Media
  3. T

    Alternative to DJI care that has no cost limit and covers liquid damage

    Been creepin for the last 2 months, finally found a reason to make an account. I and a few others on here were pretty disappointed that the DJI care for the P4 only covered $1,399 worth of damages, not including liquid damage. Also the coverage amount declining on the last month to next to...
  4. A

    Drone Insurance Depot- Thoughts?

    Just found a new company which provides drone insurance in Canada. It's called Drone Insurance Depot, found here: Drone Insurance Depot - Home Does anyone have any experience/knowledge/thoughts on them? Looking for coverage and their prices are the best I've found so far. Thanks!