costa rica

  1. J

    Costa Rica New Law?

    HI Everyone - I understand there are some threads on the site on this, however, none really have answered a couple of questions I have (now that the law has officially started). The site is in Spanish and unfortunately I took Latin in high school so I'm a little out of luck in...
  2. G

    Flying in Costa Rica

    Is anyone aware of the flying regulations and rules in Costa Rica? Is there anyone with experience and how was it, if so. I have tried to do some research with mixed results some say it is just the usual rules but I also something where you need a license so I'm a little confused. Thanks in...
  3. pepperonipizza

    P4 lost in Costa Rican jungle.

    Fell out of the sky after it lost a propeller. Four rescue squads have attempted retrieving but that hill is hell on earth. I'm already back in the US and droneless (sniffs). Hey! If you live in Jaco and feel like going on a mission let me know!
  4. Fernando Angel Gonzalez

    Best from Costa Rica

    Hello fellows, greetings from Costa Rica; Fernando here with my DJI P3Advance. Tks for the add.