1. FlashBuddy

    One More Reason to Charge and Arm and a Leg

    I've been flying the P4 upon its first availability, then moved to the P4P when it arrived. Had my first crash; bent shell top and bottom, broken gimbal mount, broken battery, all four props gone. I'm not complaining as I feel it is bound to happen sooner or later. I was flying a job - video...
  2. Torkild Norway

    My First Video...

    My very first attempt to film and edit. What did I learn: I must tinker a bit With the cam settings, it was a bit dark. But overall, happy With relatively smooth movements of the drone... More to come, when weather allows me.
  3. K


    Hey guys, I was flying my phantom 3 until I crashed it into the side of my house. I have some pictures and I was wondering how much it would cost to replace. Also where could I get it replaced? The gimbal is still in the gutter and I am trying to get it out. Any help would be appreciated...
  4. Uncle Stumpy

    Have you used DJI repair?

    Has anyone sent their 3 Advanced in to DJI repair services? If so, what kind of money are we talking about? Is it outrageous or pretty much average? I need 2 motors replaced and the case has come apart after a crash. My question is, will the repairs cost me so much that it would be better to...
  5. SoCalDude

    USD$1,499 May Be Misleading (if you want new RC)

    Just so everyone is aware, the USD$1,499.00 price of the P4P does NOT include the new controller with integrated display. That'll up your cost to $1,799.00.
  6. A

    How much should I charge a car dealership for photos and videos

    I got a phone call from a very high-end car dealer who wants 2 photos of the dealership from the front and then a 5-10 second fly around video. What do you think I should charge him for raw footage and then edited footage? He also said he will not agree to licensing so he must own them he said...