controller charge

  1. engineer_girl

    Controller not holding charge

    I (somewhat recklessly in hindsight) purchased a used Phantom 3 Professional/controller/batteries secondhand over facebook marketplace. The previous owner demonstrated about ~5 minutes of flight to show that everything worked. However, when I went to fly the drone, the controller would power on...
  2. hermitdog

    Remote controller not charging

    I received my Phantom 4 Pro + today and, of course, charged the battery and the controller right away -- using the standard DJI AC charging cable. The battery charged fine, but the controller is still "charging." Having achieved only two white lights after about three hours, I took it out for a...
  3. E

    Controller blinking one white light rapidly while charging.

    Phantom 4 controller blinks one white light repeatedly for a few minutes and then shuts off (all LEDs indicators go black) while it's plugged in but it will not charge. charging only controller, never at the same time as the flight battery. Any help would be awesome, thank you.
  4. C

    P3P Controller Battery Voltages

    I have a P3P Controller (GL300C) that's refusing to charge its battery. Does anyone have a P3P controller battery (2s 6000mah) that could give me the voltages between the two pairs of wires? Mine is reading 7.5v from any red to any black. I was hoping I'd be able to get it connected to my...
  5. P

    Phantom 4- Remote not holding charge

    Hello everyone I'm a newbie so please bare with me... So I purchased a P4 and an extra battery last week, and I charged my batteries and controller to a full charge prior to my first flight. Last night during my 3rd flight my controller started beeping and a red light started flashing due to...